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Barbara Januszkiewicz

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SOURCE: Barb Januszkiewicz © All Rights Reserved
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Date uploaded: 2012-09-19 | Size: 440 x 608 pixels | Favorited: 1 times

Tags: barbara januszkiewicz, i paint jazz, barb januszkiewicz the composer, jazzvision dave liebman,

Description: Jazz visual artist, Januszkiewicz. Her art has consistently advocated spreading art outside of preconceived boundaries, to inspire creativity in all areas of life, similarly to the style of Joseph Beuys. She is driven to take risks and see opportunities in alternative approaches and expressions in both her visual and musical aesthetics."The excitement and the unexpected risks are what attract me to avant-garde, free jazz and fusion jazz. I approaches seeing music with using art, even with traditional media. As an artist I place emphasis on vision, so naturally my jazz projects/films focus primarily on visual perception. However,what if I could fuse cinematic projects with the perceptual vision of music? My philosophy is not just employing experimental techniques, but also being able to interpret material in various ways, such as gestures or methods of defamiliarization, as new visual sight, all interpretation of sound/music.

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