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Stop Time CD Release Party

Loading photo Stop Time CD Release Party
SOURCE: John Harrington © All Rights Reserved
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Tags: swing, jazz music, jazz trumpet, jazz bass, henry franklin, john harrington, be bop, post bop, club anton,

Description: John Harrington, Dustin Haner III, and Bob Haner have formed a group for the 21st century. Stemming from the roots of jazz these three musicians have been collaborating as a trio since the fall of 2006. After a few months at a casual in Corona Del Mar California, the band Stop Time was formed. Recently, they have completed their second album to be released at the Club Anotn November 13th, 2012 in Oakland, California. With the addition of Henry “Skipper” Franklin on the bass, this high powered quartet has created a new album that propels us to a space permeating with the feeling of a classic film noir. We look forward to stopping time with you in the near future...

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