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Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra

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SOURCE: Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra © All Rights Reserved
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Tags: seattle, daniel barry, seattle women s jazz orchestra, seattle women s jazz orch, swojo, kathy boone, audrey stangland, kristen rassmusen, danielle koplinka loehr, sue bartels, lisa gordanier, deb meyer, naomi siegel, todd crooks, marge rosen, jenny ziefel, ann nordling, tula s, rachel contorer, kate olson, ann reynolds,

Description: The Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra performs at Tula's Jazz Club. Kate Olson, tenor sax; Kathy Boone, alto sax; Lisa Gordanier, alto sax; Jenny Ziefel, tenor sax; Ann Babb-Nordling, baritone sax; Naomi Siegel, trombone; Todd Crooks, trombone; Sue Bartels, trombone; Audrey Stangland, bass trombone; Kristen Rassmusen, trumpet; Marge Rosen, trumpet; Daneille Koplinka-Loehr, trumpet; Deb Meyer, trumpet; Maria Joyner, drums; Ann Reynolds, piano; Rachel Contorer, bass; Daniel Barry, musical director

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