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Shayna Dulberger Quartet

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SOURCE: Shayna Dulberger © All Rights Reserved
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Tags: nyc, free jazz, upright bass, shayna dulberger, yoni kretzmer, shayna dulberger quartet, ache flutter, carlo costa, chris welcome,

Description: Formed in 2011 and based out of New York City, this band performs instrumental music with 1960s Jazz/Post Punk/World influences. Original tunes by Dulberger written for herself (upright bass), Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Chris Welcome (guitar) and Carlo Costa (drums). This band is creatively modern sounding with rowdy as well as tender moments. Shayna has been in the NYC scene since 2004 and is most known for her work with Ras Moshe, Bill Cole and William Parker. “Acoustic bassist, Shayna Dulberger, is another important new musician to watch…” Downtown Music Gallery. “Bassist Shayna Dulberger has become an important presence on the local free-jazz scene.” Time Out New York ”…ever-inventive Shayna Dulberger on bass—she’s a strong soloist and superb accompanist.” Exclaim

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