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Daniel coffeng and the billie davies band

Loading photo Daniel coffeng and the billie davies band
SOURCE: Billie Davies © All Rights Reserved
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Tags: guitar, band, jazz drummer, billie davies, the billie davies band, daniel coffeng,

Description: Daniel Coffeng -Guitar Daniel Coffeng (guitar) hails originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and brings a new, unique technical fluidity and energy to post bop avant jazz improvisation. Growing up as part of a huge multi-racial family, he was at a very young age exposed to a lot of different music and culture from all over the world. After taking classical lessons for a year he switched to electric guitar and began to explore the immensely vast world of music from all over the world, from Jazz, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Classical and Rock to Indian Sitar music, ancient Greek, Indonesian, Japanese Koto, Latin American and West African music. His explorations of different instruments eventually led him to the music of John Coltrane. Hearing John Coltrane introduced him to new sounds and musical possibilities. Guitar influences are: Adam Rogers, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Martino, Jonathan Kreisberg and Jim Hall. He is a graduate from the Guitar Institute of Technology and has played and recorded with many... to name a few more recent ones; Steve Tavaglione, Khalil Hebert, Tim Mayo, Billie Davies, Manny Silvera, John von Seggern, et al.

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