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Marcus Miller with Christian Scott

Loading photo Marcus Miller with Christian Scott
SOURCE: Chuck Koton © All Rights Reserved
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Tags: christian scott, alex han, and, grammy nominated, so what, he just returned from a tour tha, an original, the man with the horn often made, time enough to anoint a, offers incontrovertibly funky an, but miller s modern, hard workin, conducting orchestras, miller s electric bass seriously, bass clarinet solo on the iconic, tutu and amandla, miller composition previously, the gershwins i loves you, a tribute that would, just released in the u s after, funk infused arrangement of the, hip youthful alto sax phenom, strange fruit, recording with his own band or, 2009 cd, porgy, no doubt, successful drop in europe, not to mention his use of dj, marcus miller a night in monte c, of course, blows a fiery solo and miller s, that not only conjures up images, the monster bass triumvirate, marcus after a swingin, his soulful bass crying out the, put a smile on the face of the, finds miller and his working, would indubitably please former, the hardest working man in show, being the featured husband and, with the orchestra playing in, miller played electric bass and, and with countless others as an, finger snappin sitar like hindu, i m glad there is you, a typical year for the virtuosic, including roy hargrove and the, the legendary miles davis in spi, departed this earth for an, marcus miller live in monte, maximizes the power of this riff, composed and arranged the music, producing cds, performed on the keyboard by, trumpet master roy hargroves blo,

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