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Barbara Januszkiewicz

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SOURCE: Barb Januszkiewicz © All Rights Reserved
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Date uploaded: 2011-07-19 | Size: 640 x 480 pixels | Favorited: 0 times

Tags: dave liebman, barbara januszkiewicz, barbara, eric watson, fusion jazz, art happenings, januszkiewicz,

Description: Barbara Januszkiewicz artist with Jazz Vision Trio,“ Jazz can be a blank canvas full of possibilities.” Barbara Januszkiewicz Visionary American Jazz master Dave Liebman , French pianist Jean- Marie Machado, and American multimedia visual artist Barbara Januszkiewicz have teamed up in a wordless conversation, each in their own language responding to the other in a dialogue of musical notes and paint. with Jazz Vision Trio Liebman’s solo saxophone artistry on his Colors album is the inspiration for the kaleidoscope of color, images, and brushstrokes Januszkiewicz captures moment by moment on her canvas. As they play off each other’s voice or visual expression in an ever-changing musical palette, the music takes on a visual rhythm and colorful beat and transforms the way you look at a painting or listen to jazz music.

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