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The Chicken Raid 2012

Loading photo The Chicken Raid 2012
SOURCE: 9th Floor Music © All Rights Reserved
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Description: March 24 and 25, 2012. The Chicken Raid is an annual music festival to honor the late beloved Atlanta bluesman Mr. Frank Edwards. The Chicken Raid offers a range of local, regional, and national talents. 2012 performers include Music Maker Relief Foundation artists Beverly "Guitar" Watkins, Roy Lee Johnson, Robert Lee Coleman, Albert White and Essie Mae Brooks. Additional highlights include Charleston rockabilly sweetheart Skye Paige, Washington DC blues and funk player Sol Roots, Mudcat, Frankie Lee Robinson, and Chickens and Pigs, to name a few. The event will be held on Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25 at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GA, Tickets are $15 for Saturday and $10 for Sunday Music begins at 3PM, and Sunday kicks off with an acoustic gospel invitational.

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