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Frank Herzberg Trio

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Description: AIRPLAY DIRECT & POWDERFINGER PROMOTIONS ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE “JAZZ RADIO PROMOTION CONTEST”. THE WINNER IS "FRANK HERZBERG TRIO" OF BRAZIL. ----------------------------------- "There were a lot of great entries for the Jazz promotion contest, but Frank Herzberg's was a clear standout. We loved the original rhythmic melodies and the entire ensemble was outstanding." David Avery, President/Powderfinger Promotions.--------------------- “We are so happy with the response to our joint contest with Powderfinger Promotions on the WIN A JAZZ RADIO PROMOTION. The quality of the music and artists that entered the contest was exceptional. We had entries from several countries and with the winner from Brazil. AirPlay Direct is the global platform for radio and artists and this contest adds to that confirmation. Frank Herzberg Trio is an amazing group with a terrific new record that we believe all of our jazz station members will download and play it. I want to thank all of the artists who entered and this is only the first of many jazz contests to come. Michael Harnett, President/AirPlay Direct.

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