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Join our community of photographers, illustrators, graphic artists, and painters. Musicians are also encouraged to upload their publicity and live photos.

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Copyright Application

We prefer images that do not display a physical copyright notice on the image, though digital watermarking is strongly encouraged. We've ensured that your images are clearly identified, protected, and that you can be easily contacted about permission. If you must copyright your images, please do so in a tasteful way by adding a degree of opacity to the notice and placing it in the bottom right corner. A copyright notice that is placed across the center of the image will be rejected.

Digital Watermarks

The biggest advantage of this technique is that the photograph itself is not compromised in anyway. In terms of quality it is more or less impossible to tell the difference between a picture that incorporates a digital watermark and one that doesn't. Digital watermarking on its own is of little use, but when it is coupled with a facility to have the Internet scanned for unauthorised usage of an image it gives you a high level of security.

One of the best digital watermarking services is provided by Digimarc. They provide applications at different levels to suit smaller, intermediate and large users. Their package allows you to imbed digital watermarks into your images by working with standard image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. In addition, once the watermark has been added Digimarc scan the Internet on a regular basis to check if the image is appearing where it shouldn't. You then log on to their reporting system to check for breaches of copyright.

How it all works

First you create a digital image. This can be done by taking a picture with a digital camera or scanning a photograph into your computer. Next you embed the Digimarc watermark into the digital image. This is done by using image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop. Then you are ready to publish your image. The watermark will stay with the image even when it is copied and is able to withstand most edits including compression and conversion. You can then track your image with the Digimarc MarcSpider to ensure that the image is not being used without your permission on the Internet.

If you are concerned about your copyright and images being pirated, click here to visit the Digimarc website and see how their software and system works.

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