Brent Fischer + The Clare Fischer Big Band at Typhoon

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The Clare Fischer Big Band with Brent Fischer directing at Typhoon. The Brent Fischer Orchestra The Brent Fischer Orchestra plays all original Fischer (Clare and Brent) works with a wide variety of genres and instruments. Besides Bebop, the material brings Brazilian, Afro-cuban, Rock, Funk and especially Symphonic elements to entertain and elevate the listener experience. The distinctive Fischer harmonic palette employs the unique orchestrational colors of the entire clarinet and flute families plus Bass Sax; why stop at Baritone? Brent Fischer Orchestra is comprised of some of LA’s highly respected musicians whom you’ve heard on Hollywood soundtracks, TV and at many award shows. Band leader, bass and vibe player, arranger, orchestrator and Grammy-winning producer Brent Fischer continues the legacy of his father, legendary Keyboardist/Composer/Arranger Dr Clare Fischer. Brent directs and writes for The Clare Fischer Bands and other legendary artists. The unmistakable Fischer sound lives in orchestral arrangments for Jazz and Pop royalty such as Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson, Usher, Prince, Elvis Costello and The Roots, and D’Angelo to name a few.

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