Thomas Harres, Bem Gil, Chiara Civello - Refavela 40

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Monfortinjazz 2018 - Monforte D'Alba, Italy; 2018/07/18; Gilberto Gil: Refavela 40. Gilberto Gil: voice and guitar; Mayra Andrade: voice; Chiara Civello: voice and Fender Rhodes Mestrinho: accordion and voice; Bem Gil: guitar and voice, artistic direction; Bruno di Lullo: bass; Thomas Harres: drums, percussions, balafon; Domenico Lancellotti: drums and percussions; Thiago Queiroz: sax and flute; Mateus Aleluia: trumpet; Nara Gil: voice; Ana Claudia Lomelino: voice; Flor Demasi: voice.

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